Regina Caeli

for orchestra, choir and tenor soloist

Regina Caeli premiere.
Regina Caeli premiere.

I wrote this Neo-Baroque cantata when I was a student of Harmony. Originally composed for symphonic orchestra, choir and tenor soloist, this piece was first performed with the instrumental parts transcribed for concert band. The following recording corresponds to its first performance.


Band: Banda Municipal de San Fernando (cond: Francisco Hernández Lora)

Choir: Coral de San Fernando (cond: Francisco González)

Tenor soloist: Juan Pastrana

Date: November 18th, 1997


Regina Caeli:


The interventions of the tenor soloist at the end of the piece is what I like most:

Regina Caeli (excerpt):


Three inventions

for keyboard

Two-part contrapuntal pieces in the style of J. S. Bach (Themes in first measures provided by Alicia Santos). Performace with MIDI organ.

Invention in A major:


Invention in A minor:


Invention in D minor:


In the recording pipeline...

Pajaritas de Papel (Origami birds)

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