Madre en la puerta hay un niño

The Jazzambomba album (cover)
The Jazzambomba album (cover)

A traditional Andalusian carol (Villancico) that I learned from my father Miguel Camas. This is a performance of my harmonization by a Jazz quartet included in Jazzambomba, an album of Christmas songs/jazz fusion. In this version, they changed the modal intro (see below). The complete album can be found here.


Alto sax: Antonio Lizana

Guitar: Fernando Camas

Double bass: Alejandro Tamayo

Drums: Rafa Gonzalez

Date: December, 2011

Madre en la puerta (Jazz performance)



The following is a strict (but homemade) performance of my harmonization. Don't be too demanding with the singer, please.


Voice: myself

Guitar: Fernando Camas.

Date: January, 2012.

Madre en la puerta (voice and guitar):